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Natural Grass Fed Lamb

We know healthy lamb will provide superior meat. Proper nutrition is top priority at our farm. Absolutely NO by-products, NO grain, NO hormones, NO antibiotics, NO chemical additives, and NO steroids are used on our farm. NO chemicals, NO colorants, and NO irradiation is ever used by the butcher.

Our delicious grass fed lamb meat is available almost year-round. Please check with us for availability.

This specialty meat can be purchased by the pound or as a custom cut whole lamb. Most weights are 40-50 lb. hanging weight at 9-11 months of age.

​Current Whole Lamb Prices
Lamb prices when sold by the hanging weight are $6.00/lb. plus $85 processing fee. A good size lamb can be custom cut, vacuum sealed, and frozen for less than $390. Order today!

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Hair / Meat Sheep Facts

The Katahdin sheep breed is raised on our farm and is somewhat unique in that it can thrive under diverse environmental conditions. It is an American-made hair sheep whose Caribbean (or West African) heritage makes it suitable for hot, humid environments with heavy parasite challenges, whereas its more northern roots (i.e. the British influence) make it able to adapt to cold climates in the north.

Hair sheep are ideal for small lifestyle farms and for individuals with no previous sheep or livestock experience. To control unwanted vegetation, hair sheep are also a good choice due to their parasite resistance and lack of shearing. In addition, they will browse more than wooled sheep and will graze when wooled sheep seek shelter due to the heat and humidity. They can be most any combination of black, white, or brown in varied patterns or solid color. The Katahdin breed is hornless.

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