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Burns Angus Farm

We care about what our family eats. Now YOU can eat healthy grass-fed beef like a FARMER!

At Burns Sheep & Cattle Co, we raise 100% grass-fed Angus for a healthy choice of nutritious beef. Every generation is given the same high-quality standards of care from birth to market. We're dedicated to providing natural, high-quality, tender, flavorful beef for our family and neighbors. After numerous requests to purchase our beef, we decided to offer it to the public. Our policy at Burns Angus Farm is to start with the best genetics and provide a stress-free natural environment, clean water, rotational grazing on lush grasses, clover and alfalfa, free-choice mineral licks, our own hay, and lots of fresh air; just the way God intended.

Grass-fed Angus Beef is what Burns Sheep & Cattle Co specializes in for the ultimate in beef taste and tenderness. A healthy alternative to animals raised in a typical modern feedlot. We've taken the wisdom of the past and paired it with today's chemical-free practices to produce the old-style beef our customers are seeking.

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Burns Angus Farm

All Natural 100%

Grass-Fed Beef

All Natural 100%

Grass-Fed Lamb

Burns Angus Farm
What it is
  • 100% Grass-Fed

  • Rich Meat Flavor

  • Tender & Lean

  • Healthy Cattle & Lambs

  • From Your Local Farmer

What it's not
  • Grain, By-Products

  • Hormones

  • Antibiotics/Steroids

  • Chemical/Colorants

  • Irradiation

About Us


Burns Sheep & Cattle Co was established in 2021 on the former site of the Steen & McFarland Dairy, founded in 1909, which delivered milk to the area until 1980. Our home farm includes 150 acres of gently rolling pastures, slopes, creeks, and wooded areas for shade. We have another 650 acres available for our rotational grazing, hay, and high-moisture baleage program.

Situated between Pittsburgh and Erie, you can easily find us off Rt. 80 and Rt. 79. Located in the beautiful Amish community of New Wilmington, PA.

Burns Angus was the feature farm-to-table beef farm on the Mercer County Country Tour in September 2008. If you were one of our visitors, we're so glad you came! Everyone had a great weekend! Our farm was again selected to participate in PASA's Farm Tour in July 2010. Many things to see that day, even newly hatched chicks! God is so good!

With the right dedication and hard work, we can turn grass into steak!

Grass-Fed Angus

Burns Angus Farm

All Natural Grass Fed Beef

We know healthy cattle will provide superior meat. Proper nutrition is top priority at our farm. Absolutely NO by-products, NO grain, NO hormones, NO antibiotics, NO chemical additives, and NO steroids are used on our farm. NO chemicals, NO colorants, and NO irradiation is ever used by the butcher.

Cattle are ruminants with a multi-compartment stomach designed for digesting high-fiber diets. They stay healthy and thrive on a pasture diet.

Feeding high-starch grains to ruminant animals was virtually non-existent prior to World War II. Feedlots were the product of government policy to deal with surplus grain following the war. The need for antibiotics and growth hormones came from forcing the animals to eat an unnatural diet in a confined, unsanitary environment. By removing the excess starch from the diet and giving cattle some space, the need for these additives disappears.

Burns Angus Farm

Why Grass-Fed Beef?

Our cattle can live their entire lives in their natural pasture setting, enjoying the feed they were meant to eat. The results are stress-free cows that stay healthy and perform very well on a grain-free diet of pasture grasses and winter haylage.

Besides being tender and tasty, 100% grass-fed beef is naturally much lower in fat and thereby lower in calories than grain-fed beef. While grass-fed beef is low in saturated fat, it actually contains two to six times more omega-3 essential fatty acids, which play a vital role in your overall health and well-being. Grass-fed beef is also higher in cancer-fighting CLA's, Vitamin E, and Beta Carotene. It's great for your health!

The fats our ancestors consumed were from the wild game, fats that are healthy and provide essential nutrients in our diet. Domestic livestock produced entirely on pasture contain those same healthy fats.

Burns Angus Farm

The Rumen Turns Grass into Beef

Grass is tough and is not easy to digest. Ruminants (four stomach cud chewers) can make use of it. Micro-organisms live inside the rumen, the first stomach chamber, to break down the tough cellulose structures of grass so the calories and nutrients can be extracted in the next three stomach chambers.

These micro-organisms can only function with a slight acid pH of 6.4, the level found in a grass diet. Grain intake increases the stomach acidity rendering the cow’s grass intake useless for nutrition.

Cattle cannot cope with toxins and high acidity of a grain-rich diet. In feedlot animals on extremely high grain diets, the resulting stress over the long term is so high that their livers shut down, causing death sometime after 24 months. If we want our cattle to live naturally on grass, grain simply has no place in the equation.

Pasture fed beef is good for cattle, good for our environment, and good for the consumer.

source: Grass-Fed Cattle by Julius Ruechel Storey Publishing 2006

Grass-Fed Lamb

Burns Angus Farm

Natural Grass-Fed Lamb

We know healthy lamb will provide superior meat. Proper nutrition is the top priority at our farm. Absolutely NO by-products, NO grain, NO hormones, NO antibiotics, NO chemical additives, and NO steroids are used on our farm. NO chemicals, NO colorants, and NO irradiation is ever used by the butcher.

Our delicious grass-fed lamb meat is available almost year-round. Please check with us for availability.

This specialty meat can be purchased by the pound or as a custom-cut whole lamb. Most weights are 40-50 lb. hanging weight at 9-11 months of age.

Burns Angus Farm

Hair / Meat Sheep Facts

The Katahdin sheep breed is raised on our farm and is somewhat unique in that it can thrive under diverse environmental conditions. It is an American-made hair sheep whose Caribbean (or West African) heritage makes it suitable for hot, humid environments with heavy parasite challenges, whereas its more northern roots (i.e. the British influence) make it able to adapt to cold climates in the north.

Hair sheep are ideal for small lifestyle farms and for individuals with no previous sheep or livestock experience. To control unwanted vegetation, hair sheep are also a good choice due to their parasite resistance and lack of shearing. In addition, they will browse more than wooled sheep and will graze when wooled sheep seek shelter due to the heat and humidity. They can be most any combination of black, white, or brown in varied patterns or solid color. The Katahdin breed is hornless.

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