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We care about what our family eats. Now YOU can eat healthy grass-fed beef like a FARMER!

At Burns Angus Farm we raise 100% Grass Fed Angus for a healthy choice of nutritious beef. Every generation is given the same high quality standards of care from birth to market. We’re dedicated to providing natural high quality tender, flavorful beef for our family and neighbors. After numerous requests to purchase our beef we are now offering it to the public. Our policy at Burns Angus Farm is to start with the best genetics and provide a stress-free natural environment, clean water, rotational grazing on lush grasses, clover and alfalfa, free-choice mineral licks, our own hay and lots of fresh air; just the way God intended.

Grass Fed Angus Beef is what Burns Angus Farm specializes in for the ultimate in beef taste and tenderness. A healthy alternative to animals raised in a modern typical feed lot. We’ve taken the wisdom of the past and pared it with today’s chemical-free practices to produce the old style beef our customers are seeking.

Thank you for visiting our farm site. Enjoy browsing the contents, or just click on the order form page to begin planning a bulk order for your family with a side of beef or other size order.

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