Where to Buy


New Wilmington, PA At the Farm

Burns Grass Fed Angus meat can be purchased at the home farm at 101 Orchard Road, New Wilmington, PA 16142. All cuts are individually shrink-wrapped and frozen. Lean Ground Beef is in one-pound packages, Roasts are generally three pounds each, and Steaks are individually wrapped. We also sell a lot of Stew Cubes, Shank Bones with meat, Broth Bones, Marrow Bones, Beef Liver, Heart, and Tongue. Other favorites are Flank Steak, Skirt Steak, Brisket, and Short Ribs.

No minimum sales.

Burns Grass-Fed Lamb is very tender and mild-tasting because it's a truly delicate young lamb. Customers declare it better than lamb found in England or Wales. Our lamb is seasonal and limited to stock on hand. Popular items are: Leg of Lamb, Cubed Lamb, Loin Chops, Frenched Rib Loin Rack, Ground Lamb, Lamb Shanks, and Whole Ribs.

We usually have lean, tender Whole Hog Pork Sausage when you come. Lightly seasoned Breakfast, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian recipes, and Plain Ground Pork for cooking. You've got to try it! 1 lb. pkg. frozen.

No Sunday sales. Please call before coming to arrange a good time for both of us. We wouldn't want to miss you! +1 (724) 946-3125.

Thanks to Rhonda Brooks and her hard-working team, Natural Options is a complete health and wellness center located at 209 S. Broad Street, Grove City, PA 16127, a short drive from Mercer & Slippery Rock, PA. In a very relaxing style, this store offers organic food, natural supplements, vitamins, and other products (natural coffee, gluten-free foods, organic makeup, etc.). Plus, Natural Options has a whole wellness center to help you on your wellness journey! Check out all the options on their website.

Natural Options offers Burns Angus Grass-Fed Ground Beef in their frozen food section. Plan on visiting here today and come home with a healthier, tasty meal plan.


It has been our privilege to experience marketing directly to local customers at farmer's markets. We take a chest freezer full of steaks, roasts, short ribs, stew meat, soup bones, brisket, flank steak, ground beef, and other items. You may also find we have our tender seasonal Grass-Fed Lamb and Whole Hog Pork Sausage.

SATURDAY'S for 2022
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
May – September 17, 2022

Held at the New Wilmington Borough garage, one block East of Market Street on the corner of Vine Street & Chestnut Street, behind Jimmy's, Muggsies, and Rite Aid stores. Follow signs. Fresh Marketplace, 129 Chestnut St., New Wilmington, PA 16142.

This indoor/outdoor market is full of enthusiasm with a variety of goods to tempt the senses, delight the eye and satisfy your hunger. Come see us in our hometown!

Rain or Shine. Feel free to call or text Audrene: +1 (724) 333-5833.


Thank you for seven years in your kitchen! Pittsburgh, PA Restaurant

Thank you to the former Habitat Restaurant, open since Spring 2010 in downtown Pittsburgh at the Fairmont Hotel. Chef Jason Dalling followed the tradition of serving Burns Angus Grass-Fed Beef which was personally chosen by former Chef Andrew Morrison to serve from their dynamic, open kitchen for your dining pleasure!

Thank You, Ellwood City, PA, and Greentree, PA

Burns Farm Stand concluded the 2015 season after seven years of serving these areas. We thank each of you who attended, visited, asked questions, and purchased our products over the years. You became like extended family. We love when you come to visit us at our farm in New Wilmington. Call or email ahead, please, so we don't miss you.