“​It’s Bill, Just wanted to tell you how great the beef is. Last week I grilled 3 Porterhouse steaks. Our guest was amazed at the tenderness, taste and to find out I didn’t use a single seasoning. Burgers are awesome too. I find your claims about fat content, Omega three and the type of fat, incredible. Maybe the FDA should require commercial grocer’s display this information for the public interest. Now that would be consumer protection and help everyone make an informed decision about their dietary decisions. “

Bill, Lori, Jared & Autumn

“​I’m not sure how often you get “fan” or “thanks” mail, but you definitely deserve it! Thank you so much for your beliefs/practices and supplying your very grateful customers with amazing grass-fed beef and lamb. I just made meatballs with your lamb last week, and I’m STILL thinking about them…and sad I don’t have leftovers!

I met a few of your team members this past summer at the Farmer’s market. Please tell me you’ll be back this spring? I’m completely out of the stockpile I had been rationing in my freezer. I love to support your business! Thank you again!”

Becky M.

“We loved our quarter cow so much and I had so many jealous friends that I’m coming back for a whole cow. Can you let me know when one might be ready?”


“Super beef roast – tender, juicy – delicious!”

Kathy P.

“Grass fed beef has a distinct flavor that is also much healthier than grain fed beef.”

Bill J.

“Ground beef is very lean. Browns nicely and tastes wonderful!”

Jen G.

“The quality of the beef flavor & nutrition – can’t be beat!! Thank you.”

Carrie D.

“Steaks are very flavorful and tender. The way meat used to taste growing up.”

Gretchen B.

“Ground beef is terrific – also have had some nice roasts.”


“Even left-over hamburgers after a big picnic were delicious. Bless those grass-fed critters!”


“Ground beef was very lean & great taste. I also liked the fact that grass-fed offers more nutrition/omega 3’s. Thanks!”

Peggy S.

“I purchased the ground meat and it was delicious! Best hamburgers we’ve had in a long time!”

Linda M.

“​Hamburger meat is excellent. Quality speaks for itself – no seasonings needed!”

Danielle P.

“​Ground Beef very, very lean & flavorful, low-fat tasty!”

Gail L.

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