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Write or call to request your portion of Natural 100% Grass-Fed Angus. Please provide your name and contact information as you will be kept informed of readiness dates or to discuss your custom-cut selections. Please submit one order form, even when sharing it with friends and family.

  • Whole Beef orders are both sides of one animal, packaged and frozen for your own family or enough to share with others. All cuttings are 100% customer choice.

  • Half Beef orders are 100% customer choice cuttings from one side of beef, packaged and frozen for your freezer.

  • Efficient Quarter is a divided side with popular cuttings and ground beef from the front quarter and hindquarter of the steer. This combined method provides a greater variety of meat to each customer. Cutting the most popular items is a more responsible way for our cattle to be used in a timely and efficient schedule. As an example, you could expect most of the following: chuck roast, chuck arm roast, rib steaks, stew cubes, shank bones with meat, short ribs, brisket or flank steak, sirloin steaks, round steak or roasts, round tip roast, strip steaks, fillets, rump roast, ground beef, and broth bones. All items will be finalized by Burns Angus Farm.

  • For 100% customer choice cuttings, select a Half or Whole custom cut order for yourself or offer to cow-share with another household. Plan your order together, then submit one form.

Your package labels may have additional names represented. Example: Joe Smith Family and David & Mary Jones share a half beef with a label "Smith-Jones." We have also labeled meat with a special (short) message for gift giving; "Best Wishes" or "Merry Christmas" or "Joe's Lunch."

Year-Round fulfillment is available. Just mail your completed order form and deposit to the farm. An email confirmation will be sent upon receipt of your order. Call or email with any questions.

All repeat customers receive priority scheduling of orders year-round.

Burns Angus Farm


Whole $4.70/lb. (average carcass hanging wt. 750 lb.)
Half $4.85/lb. (average carcass hanging wt. 375 lb.)
Quarter $4.85/lb. (average carcass hanging wt. 187 lb.)
Repeat Customer Discount ($20 off the entire order)

Ordering Details

Final weights are determined by actual carcass size. Prices are for hanging weight. The average cut yield (take-home meat) is approx. 60% of the hanging weight. Prices include all costs; beef, custom-cut, shrink-wrap, and freezing; ready for pick up. Cut selections are arranged with Audrene Burns. No hidden costs, no additional processing fees. Call for any other options.

Pick Up Site: Our whole, half, or quarter beef is skillfully processed and picked up at: "Whiting Family Foods," 305 Easy Street (off Rt. 208) New Wilmington, PA 16142. Hours: Tues.-Wed. 9:00-4:30, Thurs.-Fri. 9:00-5:30, Sat. 9:00-2:30.

Tips for Pick Up Day: Bring your own coolers, boxes, or other containers and gloves for handling the frozen packages. Payment by cash or check to Burns Angus Farm for the balance due. Please allow approx. 30 minutes. (No Restroom)

All orders are reserved with a $200 deposit. Mail payment with Order Form to:
101 Orchard Road
New Wilmington, PA 16142

NOTE: All "Repeat Customers" receive Priority Scheduling of Orders Year-Round and a $20 discount per 1/4, 1/2, or whole beef order.

Sold By the Pound: If you are interested in purchasing our beef by the pound, it is sold at the farm by appointment or other retail locations; see WHERE TO BUY.

Order Form

Burns Angus Farm


We are able to fill custom beef orders year-round for the quarter, half, or whole beef. The process starts with one of these beef cut guides and your $100 deposit to secure your order. Both of these items need to be mailed to the farm. Please contact us with questions regarding availability or cut options. Audrene will help guide you through the selections if you are unfamiliar or want choices clarified.